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my story

I began my journey as a photographer shortly after I graduated from East Carolina University in 2014. Through years of progressive experience working full-time in the wedding industry as a coordinator, I learned a lot about myself and ultimately found my true calling. I pour my heart into everything I do, and I love to love. Love is what we LIVE for. Love is to give, to sacrifice, and to serve. Love is real and raw. Love is what we share with friends, family, co-workers, strangers, and even ourselves. Love is what this world thrives off of! Love is everything and that’s why I was called to study hospitality management in college.
 Hospitality is practicing friendliness and kindness and always being open to welcoming, and serving. No, I’m not always the perfect example of hospitality, I constantly face lessons that humble me; but my heart is anchored into this industry and I want to use what I know to spread love and light to the world. Ultimately, I feel that light shining through the most when I am photographing and celebrating with my clients. My mission as a photographer is to make my clients feel beautiful, feel alive, and feel LOVED. 


1. Fluffy pink flowers

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