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Shades of Pink


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oh happy day!

I'm inviting you to take control of your dreams and accomplish your goals! It's time to invest in something that can help you move forward and encourage you to keep going.

It's time you invest in YOURSELF.


Monday, June 18th at 8am-9pm



A cozy, 2-acre, waterfront home in Midlothian, VA



10 portrait photographers who must own and have knowledge about a DSLR camera,

and must be willing to sign an RTP contract.



One full day of educational lessons about in-camera tips and tricks, posing, Lightroom editing, branding, marketing, growing a business, workflow, collaborating, encouragement/real-talk, and so much more! There will be TWO outdoor portfolio-building styled shoots of a bride and groom and seniors, created by incredible local vendors, as well as headshots by Remy, an amazing inspirational guest speaker (Busy Bee Productivity Coach), snacks, drinks, a light breakfast, lunch, and dinner!



Goodie bags, exciting giveaways, and joining the Q&A RTP Educational Facebook Group to connect with friends, support each other through our journeys,

and some quality/one-on-one time with Remy to answer questions!



This workshop is customized to your needs of improving your photography skills, learning more about branding and marketing, growing your business, reaching your goals, and building relationships. It's time to get out of your comfort zone, create new friendships, take the next step in your business, get productive, be confident, embrace your uniqueness, and start living your dreams. Let's do some real talk with real people. Let's create, motivate, encourage, and share our passion with each other!

give me the deets!

Why "Shades of Pink"?

If you've read my other emails or blogs, you might have noticed my passion for encouraging other photographers to keep going, to embrace the "YOU" behind the business, and to identify what makes their business different from others...

You may have also noticed my love for the color pink! :) I decided to combine my love for both things and create something meaningful out of it. That's when I thought of different shades of pink... stay with me...


...Or maybe you don't like pink so you can replace that with a color that brings you joy! ;)

So here's what I mean... every time I talk about a shade of pink in the following explanation, replace that with "a photographer" in your mind.


There are a million different shades of pink. There's hot pink, dark pink, pale pink, and everything in between. Weirdly enough, because I am a pinkaholic, I am only drawn to a very specific shade of pink. I don't like it too coral looking, I don't like it too redish, I don't like it too purpley, I don't like it neon...I think you get my point! :) Out of all those different shades, that I'm not totally in love with, I still think they're beautiful in their own way, but they just aren't a good fit for me. Do you know what I'm trying to say?


The photography industry might feel a bit saturated, but there is one very important thing to remember before we just lose our cool... WE are all different, we are all unique and imperfectly beautiful in our own way. Because of that, we attract different people, we offer different things, we serve our clients differently, we have different styles, we say different things, we run our operations in our way, and we all have something really special to add to the table. We are all a different shade of pink, and we are nothing without the other shades next to us.


We need to learn from each other to grow, we need to inspire each other to keep moving forward, and we need to encourage one another to be ourselves while living the same dream.  We need to celebrate our differences and keep embracing our own little sparkle!


So think about it... what shade are you? Maybe this workshop is exactly what you need to find out. I want us all to come together, support one another, and discover what makes YOU unique from all the others.


Celebrate & invest in your education with me!

Ask me anything! Click the link above to contact me via email for questions or just to chat!

Click the link above to sign up for the

Shades of Pink RTP Workshop!

I can't wait to meet you!!!

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